Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Outdoor Camping Tents from Walmart

Are Walmart Tents a Great Value

Ozark Trail Walmart Tents

Walmart has a brand of camp tent called Ozark Trail. Ozark Trail is Walmart's brand for their complete collection of outdoor camping equipment that feature tents, chairs, sleeping bags and more camping relevant accessories.

Though Walmart is know for their inexpensive prices, they aren't usually widely known for their high-quality products. Do these Walmart tents deliver value and an excellent product? That's the thing I needed to discover.

The very first thing I did was to head over to Walmart's webpage and look at the different types of Ozark Trail tents that they had and learn what they had to offer. I was astonished to find out they do have a complete selection of camp tents, from two person dome tents to 12 person, 2-3 room cabin tents.

I start reading what comments I was able to locate there to get and understanding of what precisely purchasers had to say regarding this make of camp tents. Over all individuals stated positive things yet there appeared to be numerous people who had issues with their camping tent poles breaking and replacement camping tent poles are not for sale for this brand name.

Walmart Tents Have Tent Pole Problems

After conducting further research I was surprisingly able to learn that despite that Walmart as well as the manufacturing companies they use to manufacture their tents do not supply replacement tent poles, you can easily buy universal or generic tent poles from almost all outdoor camping and sporting goods shops as well as on Amazon.

Following that I did a search on the search engines for Ozark Trail tents to learn what I could discover. I ran across a really good site which has some key information on Walmart's make of tents including the best places to buy replacement tent poles and manuals. From what I eventually could gather the majority of people feel as though these tents to provide a great value for the price tag.

Despite the fact that they are simply not a top quality tent these are reasonably-priced and ideal for those who are just doing some light camping. You might break a tent poles or encounter a bit of water leakage but the reality is that this is not a concern that is solely present in this make of tents.

I needed to see just what folks had to say concerning some well known brand names of camping tents including Coleman and Northwest Territory tents (Kmart/Sears brand) so I did some research and discovered that both these companies experienced much the same problems from time to time. The one and only distinction being that Coleman does provide replacement parts and much better support services.

Bottom line:

Ozark Trail tents apparently offer value for the price tag, if you only go camping two - three times each year and in relatively mild conditions then I know you will be more than satisfied with a camping tent from Walmart.

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